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Developer Information

If you have a car, boat, bike, truck, motorcycle, camper & caravan, bus, or farm & construction dealer that you have developed a website for and want to add pages to display the vehicles and have them updated without having to build a custom database application, then AutoBase can help with our vehicle listing pages.

As long as the client is a customer of AutoBase then all you need to do is to create a frame page and paste the URL that you can generate in the Next step below, into src tag for that frame. AutoBase handles the rest.

AutoBase can be updated in a number of ways including direct links from software systems used for managing stock or by using the AutoBase web browser system.

A few points..

  • Your client obviously needs to be a customer of AutoBase before you can use this facility. Call 0800 42 88 62 to find out how easy it is to get your client up and running with AutoBase.
  • The vehicle listing generated is automatically updated when the client updates the AutoBase system.
  • There is a charge of $50 + GST per month for using this facility.
  • AutoBase can customise the style sheet for these pages so that colours, fonts etc. match those of the website you have developed.

If you would like to use web services and receive data using XML, then please see our AutoBase Web Services website.

Call 0800 42 88 62 if you would like any further information on this.